Roof skylight

Roof lanterns and Velux skylights fitted in the Boston area

Enhance the look of your garden conversion, home or garage with the help of Khonda Roofing 

New skylight

Enhance the look of your home

With the help of Khonda Roofing 

Do you think your home could benefit with something a little different? If the answer is yes, then why not consider having some new roof lanterns fitted or maybe a skylight to let the sun stream through your roof? 


Khonda Roofing  can fit a wide range of roof lanterns and skylights, including the well-known brand Velux. You’ll find that for a comparatively low price you will be able to totally transform the look of your home or commercial building. We’re an established company and one you can trust to fit them properly and at a great price. From our main location in Boston, we usually operate within a 50-mile radius which includes Peterborough and Lincoln. If you are at all interested, just give us a call and we’ll arrange to show you some examples and arrange a competitive quotation.


Perfect for both homes and commercial premises

As long as it has a roof there will be a way to improve the look of it! Just give the experts at Khonda Roofing  in Boston a call.

"Excellent service, very reliable and very tidy work. Would definitely recommend." - Checkatrade

lantern roof window
skylights in roof
Velux window

Roof lanterns

Enhance the aesthetics of your home and provide just the level of light you want around your home.

Modern skylights

Skylights are a fantastic addition to any home and roof, allowing beautiful light to filter into your building.

Velux windows

Velux is a well-known brand, so you can be assured that your new windows will last a very long time.

Don't forget - we can fit roof lanterns and skylights on any type of roof, whether it's your house, office or any other type of commercial building


Small change - big difference

To arrange a very competitive quotation for your new lanterns or skylight, give the friendly team at Khonda Roofing in Boston a call: